Athens, Greece

September 20-22, 2023

Join us in Greece to celebrate the Wedding of Brittany Edgerley-Dallal and Strato Doumanis

We can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Details regarding our Wedding celebration can be found below:

Wedding of Brittany and Strato - Guest Timeline

Where to Stay


Hotels vary greatly in cost – from 70e a night to 300e a night

For a more local experience, we suggest an Airbnb. If you are staying in a group, you may find that the Airbnb options are more affordable, and some offer kitchen and dining space as well.

What we recommend when searching for a hotel: check reviews from TripAdvisor (a lot of Europeans use this), check google reviews and see how you feel about the feedback, check for additional fees or benefits (AC tax, free breakfast, resort cost, off season discount, etc)

Room Blocks and Special Offers

Our wedding planner Maria has graciously arranged for our guests to have special booking discounts at some of the most elite hotels in the area.


What to See

Activities and points of interest

Our wedding planner Maria has arranged for a discount with a walking tour company if you are interested. Click the button below for activity recommendations. The resource includes trips from sightseeing to food tasting; something for everyone!

We recommend finding a bus or walking tour to see as many historical sites as possible. Most historical/ancient ruins do NOT have plaques – having a guide to give you information about what you are viewing will make your trip much more worth your while. We recommend using TripAdvisor and similar sites to find a tour option that works best for you.

Details and FAQ

  • You must have a passport to travel to Greece. It must be valid for at least 6 months past your travel date.
  • While we do not recommend renting a car, if you do chose to do so, make sure you have a valid driver’s license with you. An international license is not mandatory but can help things along. You can typically purchase an international license at your local AAA. Please note that most rental cars are standard/manual transmission and finding an automatic may be impossible.
  • Late September is considered the beginning of off season. Deals can be found and there will be fewer crowds, but this can also mean less availability as restaurants and attractions begin to wind down.

  • Most hotels do not supply beach towels. Please consider bringing your own, or purchasing a souvenir towel once in Greece (keeping in mind that off season may make this a bit of a challenge)
  • Most people in the service industry speak English to some capacity. English menus are typically available in the more populated areas.
  • Credit card are accepted at most locations. Check to see if your card has 0 international transaction fees to avoid paying more every time you swipe. Cash is accepted in most places. We recommend converting to Euros prior to leaving the US – your bank can assist you with this process typically for a fee nominal to that of what you will pay in Greece.
  • Paying in cash will speed up your dining experience – once you order, it is common for the waiter to not attend to your table until you flag them down. They typically will leave your bill on your table when you order, and you will receive a new bill every time you add something to your order (not in all places, but most.) Paying in cash can speed up your exit if you have been provided the bill. Tipping is not mandatory but appreciated, and from some tourists, expected. We recommend 10% for food service.